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james of mosaics ///

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// AS / in the grand mosaic

[   james of mosaics

musicians, writers,
artists, designers
from atlanta, ga

a concept art
of James Morse    ]

Field of Inquiry:
    architectural poetics,


Process of Inquiry:

the collective,
each individual
seeks to Paint
impressioNS of
classical, jazz,
AND (INDIE rock?)

and take LISTENERS 

so that they might arrive
in a place (at once!)
foreign, yet,
(vaguely?) familiar

(increasingly) aware
of paradox,
shaken to the core by


in a word, james of mosaics is


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for all booking,
Press, and other interrogations,
please contact our
Manager by email:

McKenzie Jasper / jamesofmosaics

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EPK 2019

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/// … This is a record of encountering identity that attempts to return to roots, discover values, and express the process of

growing up,
learning how to struggle well,
and making an offering of self

in worship to God through daily living… ///


Digital Album

Physical Album

Also available:

The Desert

The desert
is a space we inhabit,

a place where we encounter ourselves,
and reality

through dialogue...

...Over time,
words become inadequate
in expressing the complexities and nuances
that characterize such an exchange..

the exchange moves beyond images,
sensory stimulation,
and immediate,
Tangible gratification.

...The dialogue,
at its essence,
a wordless communication

and gift of self.


Digital Album

Physical Album

Also available:

Hidden Ground:
Live From Solid Sound

Hidden Ground is a Collection of letters..

They attempt, in a raw form,
to reflect on the nature of hope -
How it manifests in relationships and in society..

these are a few brief glimpses into the struggle of
persevering in that hope for a reality that is

one that imbues meaningfulness
into the experiences
of suffering and chaos.


Recorded at Solid Sound Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 08/17/16

Mixed and mastered by Solid Sound Studios and Chris DuPont
Video (See Below) edited by Charlie Steen


Digital Album

/​/​/ little way letters /​/​/
[demos & b​-​sides, unmastered]

/// a year in reflection...
gathering up all the pieces from near and far..
everywhere from the sounds of the Lifecycle Building Center
to the room acoustic of an old, crunchy Home Park house
and its gracious expanse of a backyard
to everywhere in, around, and between Atlanta...

in a letter of letter of sorts,
inspired by the thoughts and words
of a posthumously renowned saint,
Thérèse of Lisieux,

these fragments are a testament to the "little way"..

they are a precursor to the greater work ahead,
whether it be a more finished work
resulting in a record
or simply a stage in process


within this collection:

tracks 1-6 and 13-14 contain field recordings as well as demos recorded at work and at home...

track 12 is a sound collage containing a narration of a prose poem, ambient sounds, and a recording of Gregorian Chant from the Abbey of Clairvaux.. it was a demonstration for an architecture review at the Georgia Institute of Technology used to exhibit the concept of memory compression ...

tracks 7-11 are more or less demos of songs written during the past few years ..

They are lamentations at sometimes and songs of hope and rejoicing at others ...

lyrics found here:



...Alas! more is said with less..

“Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.”― Thérèse de Lisieux


Digital Album

... Past Shows ...

/// 2019

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee

Music Room, Smith's Olde Bar

House Show
w/ Sydney Morse
& Bridget Beath

Eddie's Attic w/ Book Club

/// 2018

Smith's Olde Bar (Young Release Show)

Blackbird Coffee

Oakhurst Porchfest

Lake Lanier Lantern Fest

House Concert

House Concert

Shootout at Eddie's Attic

/// 2017

Eddie's Attic

Lifecycle Building Center

Eddie's Attic


Georgia Tech

House Concert Smyrna, GA

College of Design, Georgia Tech

Kesler Campanile, Georgia Tech

Smith's Olde Bar

/// 2016

Urban Tree Cidery

Wonderroot Arts Center

Eddie's Attic
Georgia Tech Catholic Center

House Concert

House Concert

House Concert

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© 2019 james of mosaics